Shaas gives you a powerful assistant to easily manage major Internet challenges with a tap on your smartphone

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Whether you’re a novice user or an expert one, you can manage your Internet by taking measures to prevent bandwidth from being wasted. If you want to enjoy family meals again, have your children’s attention and get back control on your Internet usage, this is the right app for you.

What can shaas do for you?

All your connected and active devices share your Internet connection, so the more devices downloading, streaming, or gaming, the more likely you could have slower speed. With just a tap on your Smartphone, SHAAS enables you the possibility to turn on, change the speed, turn off the Internet connections in your office and at home with the same ease that other home resources are managed.

Tell shaas how is your Internet connection and automatically discover all your connected devices

shaas is ready for a tap on your smartphone for manage your Internet

Once shaas discovers your devices you can customize each one. Also you can see in real time the usage for every device.

You can enter any shaas remotely and also access the web with ShaasCloud.

What is going on with your Internet?

shaas knows…

In every moment you can see what devices are connected and it’s usage