ITCx es la división de innovación de ITC

Somos un equipo curioso y entusiasta.
Desarrollamos proyectos que brindan soluciones,
con base en la tecnología y la conexión a internet.

Nuestro producto

El primer desarrollo ITCx.

Nuestro equipo

Marcelo Moreno

Marcelo Moreno


As ITC General Manager, Marcelo Moreno initiated a successful transformation from a PC added value dealer into a telecommunication company, which provides services designed to satisfy the highest standards of quality in the tough Telecommunications market. An experience of 28 years endorses the ability to provide services according to the specific needs of each organization.

2015 Founder CEO ITCx

2014 to present VP Information Technology and Telecommunications S.A.

1999 to 2010 Founder / Director of ITC Solutions

1996 to 2014 General Manager Informática y Telecomunicaciones SA

1994 Manager of the Telecommunications unit of ITC.

1990 General Manager Telematics and Telecommunications SA

1985 Advisory ADVISER SA IT projects

Diego Navarro

Diego Navarro


2015 Founder CIO ITCx

2010 to present Manager and Engineering Team Leader for [8M visitors x month], [fintech marketplace]

2007 to present Strategic IT Consulting. Analysis, troubleshooting and deploy for complex server and network infrastructure [Mendoza Goverment/ITC S.A.]

2001 to 2007 Silice S.A. CoFounder / Director of Operations. Strategic IT Consulting. Analysis, troubleshooting and deploy for complex server and network infrastructure. Specialized support for IT Groups. Scrum advisory and Implementation. Open Source developer & advocate University Teacher. University of Mendoza Computer Engineer / MSC Computer Networking

Juan José Ciarlante

Juan José Ciarlante


2015 Founder CTO ITCx

2015 to present Cloud Reliability Engineer at Canonical Ltd, managing Openstack deployments and operations as member of the Bootstack team.

2012 to 2014 DevOps/SA at Canonical Ltd (2012-2014), handling online service stacks running with open source service components like haproxy, apache, python-django apps using postgresql, cassandra storage layer(s) – most of them as Juju managed OpenStack deployments.

2007 to 2012 Site Reliability Engineer – Systems Engineer (SRE-SE) at Google Switzerland GmbH (2007-2012), TechLead of the SRE team in charge of message delivery and classification pipelines for several critical, high volume user facing services. He has done several FOSS contributions. He has authored Linux kernel IP aliasing support (“eth0:0” and alike), OpenS/WAN multi-algorithm modular support (kernel and userspace) and, more recently, OpenVPN IPv6 transport support. University Teacher. University of Mendoza Electronic Engineer / MSC Computer Networking

Nicolas Aquistapace

Nicolas Aquistapace


2015 Founder CFO ITCx

2014 to present Board of Directors at Informática y Telecomunicaciones

2007 to 2013 Co Founder at Eventioz, and several positions before been acquired by Eventbrite.

2002 to present CEO at ITC Soluciones.   Industrial Engineer, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. MBA and MS MIS, University of Pittsburgh.

Oscar Anunziata

Oscar Anunziata


2015 Founder CMO ITCx

2013 to present  Director &  Institutional Relations Manager at Informática y Telecomunicaciones S.A

2011 to 2013 President at Hotel Chamber Mendoza

1998 to 2013 General Manager at San Lorenzo Apartments.

Juan Cruz Guevara

Juan Cruz Guevara


Lic. en RRHH – RRPP (Universidad Champagnat  – MBA Gestion Organizacional (Universidad de Valparaíso).

2016  Comercial ITCx

2013 – Presente  Infórmatica & Telecomunicaciones – Gerente Comercial

2008 – 2013 – Gerente de Productos Hoteles Argentina

2007 – 2008 – Gerente de Publicidad – MKT

2005 – 2007 – Gerente de Productos Hoteles Argentina / Chile y México

Juan Ignacio Alvarez

Juan Ignacio Alvarez

Support Engineer

2015 to present Full stack Software Engineer LittleBox

2012 to 2013     Ministerio de Salud Provincia de Mendoza

Claudio Pico

Claudio Pico

Support Engineer

2015  CME Clifton Myers Enterprises

2016  AySAM

Nicolas Lara

Nicolas Lara

Full Stack Software Engineer

2015 to present Full stack Software Engineer – Itcx [Flask, python, lua, phonegap, angularJS, html, css, less, git, linux]

2015 to present Full stack Software Engineer – Freelance Opteras [Rails, angularJs, html, css, github, slack, linux]

2014 to 2015 Backend Software Engineer – Buoy Development [rails, postgresql, github, slack, heroku, trello, oauth, push notifications]

2011 to 2015 Full stack Software Engineer – Guialocal [CakePHP, python, jquery, bootstrap, javascript, html, css, sass, REST, mobile, mysql, mongo, git, linux Software Engineer. University of Mendoza


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